MASTER MIND E-TUTOR is an online educational portal which is exclusively for CBSE students of classes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 &12 and special syllabus for students of classes L.K.G,U.K.G, 1,2,3,& 4 with international standard.
MASTER MIND TUTOR focuses on teaching the fundamentals of English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology curriculum using animations that will enable "cognitive acceleration" thereby shortening the learning curve. This is not to replace the teacher or the classroom but is to be used complementary to the existing system. Since this is a very explicit visual medium, key concepts could be put across to students in a simple way, and it can improve student performance and boost their confidence. The portal is expected to greatly benefit from the animation presentation of complex concepts.
MASTER MIND TUTOR plays an important role in constructing bright career of our students. The students can use our comprehensive and exhaustive lessons with clear and pleasing animations and question bank to master any subject.


Online Training or E- Learning
Online learning, also known as E- learning, is the facilitation of training or education by electronic means. The most common communication method is over the Internet. Online learning eliminates the restrictions of time and place, and potentially means that anyone can achieve 100% success. In face to face learning we have to learn at a specific time and place, and measure success with an assessment whether we are ready or not. Online learning removes these barriers to learning.

Our Efforts
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR finds strength and weaknesses of each student for molding them to a brighter future.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR offers an easy comprehensive course with our full guarantee.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR’S best attraction is the extremely low fee structure.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR provides an impressive course structure.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR is supported with the experienced and well known teachers.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR motivates the students to become successful learners with essential skills.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR inspires the students to achieve the goal they desire.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR gives students interesting and creative ideas for learning.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR encourages the students to face the examination confidently.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR motivates the students at the right time they require.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR is really a path of success and perfection for students academic life.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR gives 24X7 online supports which enable the student to explore more and more from international reputed experts.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR is fixed in such a way where students can learn accordingly in their comforts at home.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR keeps on updating & conducting the test papers online from time to time.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR’S language is simple, direct and attractive and above all the program is very user friendly.
  • MASTER MIND E-TUTOR is designed in a professional way with the best quality of available materials in the present market.
Our Management & Faculty
MASTER MIND E TUTOR is the brain child and joint venture of a few young professionals and internationally reputed educationists to provide quality education for the maximum utilization of human resources for a prosperous world There is a faculty of experienced professors and lecturers to design the curriculum and compile the course material. This is based on extensive analysis of trends and contents of CBSE syllabus subjects over the years as also with respect to several competitive examinations that a student has to face other than their board examinations. In addition to the present faculty, eminent educationalists head the respective departments at MASTER MIND E TUTOR.